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Friday morning I woke up in a supernice little cottage.

I was with my work on an excursion mushroom hunting!

If you watch closely, you’ll find them everywhere

This man could tell us which one we could pick and which one would make us very sick.

Beautiful nature

So many different kinds

And we also ran into this little fellow.

When AMFI stopped i had a week of relaxing. After that, the boredom begin. So i was glad when the school workshops started. I’m doing a workshop called ‘power of the image’ and i was very pleased to see that Madame Mode was doing the exact same workshop! I bought my Chloe boots on her webshop so she brought them to class last week for a fitting. The rest you know, i love them and i want the snow to disappear so i can wear them!

This was our look this workshop, in which we got some camera-instructions.