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This weekend I’ve been to a wedding. My cousin Fleur got married! This is the thirth marriage I visit. Ever. Yes, marriage isn’t something that’s happening in my circles but according to my sister, when you pass a certain age it’ll be a monthly activity in your agenda. Well that time has definitely not come yet so it’s still special to me. Plus I’ve got a little bit trouble photographing as it’s quite a challenge to photograph everyone. A few pictures for now. Maybe in a couple of years I get a little bit more experienced and will make some awesome pictures.

Today was my aunts wedding. She lives in New York but because my grandparents can’t fly anymore they decided to marry in Holland. So I told you before we had a lot of americans over here! It was a pretty chaotic day but very nice. The sun was shining whole day long. It was very cold though and windy but we didn’t care.

I couldn’t find anything for the wedding so I wore something I already had. Well I guess thats for the best as my clothes doesn’t fit anymore in my closet. I only found the cutest polkadot tights, but after one hour I already managed to got a ladder.

My cousins were bridesmaid and -men.

My littlest cousin was a bridesmaid as well. She is adorable