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Michiel and I were in Italy last week, enjoying the sun and the delicious food. We stayed in Florence but made a small trip to Rome. A nice-things-to-do-in-Florence guide will follow soon!


This is the fourth time I visited Zarautz, a small place with a beautiful bay which has great waves for beginning surfers. It’s only half an hour away from one of my favourite cities: San Sebastian. As we go surfing we usually go with an organization. They arrange the trip, tents and surf equipment. Especially that last point makes traveling with an organization way cheaper than going by yourself. And if you’re lucky you get to meet a lot of great people! I’ll not show you day-by-day as I didn’t bring by camera to the beach everyday and the pictures probably would look all the same.

This is Zarautz.

After an 18 hour bus trip we treated ourselves with the best ice cream in the world. If you’re ever in Zarautz or San Sebastian you really should try some ice cream. Amazingly good.

No dirty feet inside.

Time to surf!