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Berlin was amazing. It is such an inspirational city, i wanted to make pictures of everything. The people are dressed in a really Berlin-way. A little bit underground and alternative, i liked it! Together with my best friend, i went to visit our other best friend who studies abroad for this semester. We slept one night in the amazing intercontinental Berlin hotel. No, we are not rich, we got employee rate because my friend works in the intercontinental Amsterdam! I did feel rich though, it was so beautiful. Especially the health club, were we spend our morning in the pool.

We also went to the premiere of Sex and the City 2 and to be honest, i was a little disapointed. I didn’t like Carrie at all, she was really weening about so much, it became annoying. Well, it was good amusement and we had a lot of fun dressing up!

Now i’m back in Amsterdam and i really need to work on my thesis. The sun is shining and when i’m done with this post, i will put on my bathing suit and work on my thesis on the balcony. The best way to make schoolwork nicer!

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