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For my 30th birthday, Michiel surprised me with a trip to Vienna!

Hello Vienna!

But first, breakfast

We went to Mumok, the museum for contemporary art

Contemporary it was

Walked around in the area the Habsburg family used to live

Then we went to another museum: MAK, which had a VR installation

You could explore Gustav Klimt’s masterpiece Expectation and Fulfillment

Then we were done with museums for today

We decided to hang out at this nice spot, have some food and call it a day!

It’s been a while. Unfortunately I find it hard to keep up the blog with a full time day job. But it’s easier when you have a lot of vacation photos from seven days in Italy with your friends.

We were with five boys…

And four girls

It was raining on the first days

But there was also sun!

The food was super tasty

Lisa and Timo <3

We had an amazing Airbnb in a supersmall village called Baco

The gang! (without Erwin unfortunately)

We visited pretty villages and cities such as Lucca, Florence and Sienna

And had strong espressos

We also had a house cat: Half Colour (ridiculous name)

Some of us went on a hike

And we biked around in Lucca. Then it was time to go home!

Michiel and I were the last two weeks in New York. N E W Y O R K! One of my long-lasting travel wishes finally came true. I made way too much photos but there is just so much to see. Here are some first snaps of the big apple!

This evening, Michiel and I will be on the train to Paris! It’s only half a year ago that I last visited Paris but I think it will be a lot different now that the city is filled with Christmas lights. I hope we can get a glimpse of the Eiffel tour in full lightning. Last time summer was just around the corner and I made some nice pictures of the blossom, but I can’t wait to try out my new lens this time! We’ll be gone till Sunday but I scheduled some posts. Bonsoir et au revoir!