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This weekend I had my very first photoshoot! During my internship at the Centraal Museum I met Ella, and she asked if I wanted to photograph her and her sisters. They wanted to give their mother a nice photograph of the three of them together. On a rainy autumn day we wandered around in Utrecht and shot photos at the Domtower, Universiteitsmuseum and Park Lepelenburg. Despite of the weather we had a great time and laughed a lot. Thank you ladies for making my first shoot such a nice one!


So my Foam Lab career seems to be really started now as the pitch and idea fase has ended and we’re really getting started. So yesterday, we had a photoshoot for the pressphoto and we filmed for an introduction video. We asked a photographer is she wanted to make a picture of us and spend the whole day shooting. It was really fun, we had a great day!

Six of the eight ‘labbers’, chilling on the couch.


Fenna made so amazingly good couscous salad.

The camera who made a time lapse of the day

Hello Rosa!

The photographer is checking the flashlights

And we ended the day with pie!