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As you might know, I’m in my last year and currently working on my thesis. It’s about fashionblogs and what it is that makes a fashionblog succesful. First, I’m doing an investigation to make a great concept for fashionbloggers. I made a survey for bloggers and one for readers.

This is where I need your help!

I made two surveys and i would really appreciate it if you would fill (one of them) in. One is for readers and one is for bloggers. If you are a reader and a blogger, you may fill in both.

Survey for fashion bloggers

Survey for fashion blog readers

Thank you so much!

When AMFI stopped i had a week of relaxing. After that, the boredom begin. So i was glad when the school workshops started. I’m doing a workshop called ‘power of the image’ and i was very pleased to see that Madame Mode was doing the exact same workshop! I bought my Chloe boots on her webshop so she brought them to class last week for a fitting. The rest you know, i love them and i want the snow to disappear so i can wear them!

This was our look this workshop, in which we got some camera-instructions.