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Last weekend we explored the canals of Utrecht! Michiel’s mother turned 60 years old and they decided to rent a boat. That was a great idea, it was super sunny and it is really cool to see the city from a different point of view.

Ay ay sailor

Cute canals here in Utrecht

Michiel’s brother Jeroen

The domtower

Here is the gang: Marlies, her boyfriend Matthijs, Michiel, Jeroen, Leo and a little bit of Michiel’s mother Joke.

The weather surprised Holland yesterday with an amazing sunny day. We planned to meet up with the lovely people we met during our holiday in Spain.

They live near the water so we decided to take the boat!

We had the best day

After a few beers it was time for some activity! Robert shows us how to do it

Obviously, we couldn’t get up so easily…

But we managed to after a few tries! Here is Carola

And me!

Linda and me

And we ended the day with a barbecue. Now I’m back home and my muscles ache like hell but we had the best day in September!