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Suddenly it was just there, my love for everything green. I’ve never had a garden and I wasn’t really busy with our balcony plants either but since I live in Utrecht, my plant collection keeps growing. I also took care of our little ‘garden’ (I don’t think you can really consider it a garden but I’ll show you pictures another day!) and planted some artichoke seeds (my favourite vegetable mmmm can’t wait for them to grow!) and sunflowers. The mint is also doing great! The latest addition to the collection is this one, it’s really growing fast so maybe I should repot it one of these days. I don’t really know that much about plants (I don’t even know the name of this one ehhhh…) but they’re all still alive, so far so good!

A few weeks ago I found such a nice initiative: het Plantenasiel, or in English: the plant shelter. The plant shelter is located in Amsterdam and is founded by Rachelle. She thought it was horrible how some people treated their plants and decided to do something about it. She gives everyone who sees their plants die because they can’t take care of it, the option to bring it to her. She will take care of it and make sure it gets to a lovely new home. I think this is one of the best initiatives I’ve seen in a while! I hope there will be more plant shelters around the globe one day. You can follow the adventures of the plant shelter on Facebook and on Tumblr.

When it comes to interior, I’ve got such a love for white spaces with lots of green plants. Beside the fact that plants are healthy to have, I think a plant gives so much atmosphere to a room. So when I finally get my own place some day, I’ll probably fill it with lots of flowers en plants. And paint the walls white.

All the pictures are from Pinterest.