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Two weeks ago I bought some mint from the greengrocer and decided to try to rooting some sprigs. I cut off the bottom and put them in a glass of water. After two weeks I decided the roots were big enough to be planted.

The new home for my mint sprigs. As you can see some of the sprigs’ leaves became brown. I hope they’ll recover after rooting.

The roots looked like this

New home

Done! I hope they won’t die and recover from the move. When they grow a little bit more I’ll put them in my little garden outside.

A few weeks ago I found such a nice initiative: het Plantenasiel, or in English: the plant shelter. The plant shelter is located in Amsterdam and is founded by Rachelle. She thought it was horrible how some people treated their plants and decided to do something about it. She gives everyone who sees their plants die because they can’t take care of it, the option to bring it to her. She will take care of it and make sure it gets to a lovely new home. I think this is one of the best initiatives I’ve seen in a while! I hope there will be more plant shelters around the globe one day. You can follow the adventures of the plant shelter on Facebook and on Tumblr.