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On our second day in Paris we did what we do best: walking, drinking coffee, shopping and eating. We started our day with a very long walk, but that was mostly due to wrong directions in Foursquare to our breakfast spot. In the end we ended up super hungry and decided to start the days with muffins.

Coffee at Kaffee bar 19!

Canal Saint-Martin, I really like this neighborhood

Lisa and me, trying to be all Parisian

The French people love brunch apparently, but it was so much that we decided to share 1 brunch menu with the 3 of us. Really good!

Always happy after eating

Then we took the metro to Montmartre and walked up the stairs

Timo and Lisa


And this is the last photo I took this trip because my lens broke! It just fell out my camera, super strange. Luckily I had it already for a very long time and was already looking for other lenses but still a shame that I couldn’t make any more of Paris.

That’s right! This time with my friends Lisa and Timo. We arrived Thursday afternoon and stayed for three days. The weather was super nice, which was absolutely a blast (crazy how rainy it was only three weeks ago). We strolled around in our neighborhood, did some windowshopping in le Marais and ate a lot of cheese with of course a nice wine. Here is our first day!

Timo and me

Parisian streetart

We stayed near Canal Saint-Martin, which has a lot of beautiful bridges

Coffee stop at Fragments

A lot of people on steps in Paris!


This was so nice. If you want to have a cheap lunch in Paris, go and get falafel in le Marais and eat it in le Jardin des Rosiers.

So good

The first of many cheese and wine

We had sushi for dinner in a super small restaurant of which i unfortunately didn’t make any photos. Instead a nice view of Paris!

After dinner we bought some beers and enjoyed the crowd at Canal Saint-Martin.

A few weeks ago the Thalys celebrated their 20th birthday, and therefore sold tickets to France for only 20 euros. As a Paris-lover I of course bought tickets, for two weekends this summer! For the first weekend I asked my parents to join me, as they love Paris maybe even more than I do.

I love Parisian architecture.

Artichokes on the market… yum

Market near our Airbnb


My dad and I, on our way to the Foundation Louis Vuitton

A cheeky peacock

On top of the Foundation Louis Vuitton; an amazing view over la défense

Back to the center to do some window shopping in le Marais

My mom and dad!

A time machine?

The Seine overflowed its banks

And then it was already time to go home…