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After a week of absence I thought it was about time to come back online! No, I wasn’t on vacation or something like that. Instead, I was very, very busy moving my stuff from Amsterdam to Utrecht! Last night was my first night in my new room and I can’t be more exciting to start my master in February. Now that I have a few weeks off I started to think about my new years resolutions today. It’s nice to have some goals in what you want to achieve (although you might not look at them after a month or so). Here are mine!

1. I’m thinking about a new design for a while now and at the moment I’m working on it so maybe this one will be checked in before the end of the month…

2. Michiel and I got so many cookbooks for Christmas, they are filled with delicious recipes and I can’t wait to try them out.

3. Although I’ve visited Utrecht quite a lot in the past few years, it’s different when you live here. So I hope to explore nice places so I can make an Utrecht-guide as well! (You can find the Amsterdam-guide here)

4. Last week I decided that I have to improve my running endurance. It happens so often that I’m totally exhausted after just catching a train (like really exhausted, people were asking me if I needed to lay down).

5. I’m quite content with the pictures I took in 2012 but I hope to improve my skills so 2013 will be documented even better. My pictures are often not that sharp and I still struggle with dark evenings.

6. So in February I start with my (pre)master and I don’t really know how difficult it’s going to be. I graduated two years ago so I haven’t been to school for a while. Sometimes that kind of scares me because I’m not used to study anymore. I hope I can achieve all the above but for me the most important thing is to pass my exams!

Do you have any resolutions for 2013?