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There are several reasons why I think Moonrise Kingdom will be the best film of 2012 but let me start by telling you how I was introduced to Wes Anderson. Though he makes movies for quite a long time, I’ve only been introduced to him during my minor Visual Culture in 2009. We had to watch two films every week and got loads of tips from my teacher of films we should see in our own time. The Royal Tenenbaums was on that list. And the love for Wes Anderson was born. The perfect styling, beautiful shots, awesome soundtracks and quirky types made me a huge fan.

With me apparently a thousand other people as being a Wes Anderson fan suddenly made you a hipster. That his movies are too pretentious and hipsters are seeing all kind of meaning in his films while he’s using the same technique over and over again. I find such statements very annoying. And not true. I think all of his movies are wonderful in its own way and that it’s great to have such a personal and recognizable style. Besides that I’ve the feeling everyone is put as a stereotype hipster if you match one or more things of the so-called hipster culture. Which means everyone is a hipster these days, so why pretend it’s a bad thing?

So why this film? Well first of all: Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman. The cast includes so many great names, I’m so curious of the great awesomeness we’re about to see on screen. The last film I saw with Tilda Swinton was kind of depressing so it was a nice surprise to see her in the trailer. And of course Bill Murray, he’s always genius in every Wes Anderson film. I’d have to say I miss Owen Wilson…

And ofcourse, the girl!! Her hair, the styling, the make up, she looks amazing. Yes, I’m already looking for a pink dress with a white collar (can’t find it unfortunately) and some knee socks. I love the sixties style and her style in particular is just amazing. Can’t say anything else about it. Please let me know if you find such a dress.