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Hi there, long time no see! To sum the last few weeks up, work’s good, study’s good, changed from full-time student to part-time student, went to Paris for OuiShareFest with Peerby, had a performance with my dance group, enjoyed the sun (and got burned straight away), changed the layout of this blog and Michiel and I visited Ghent for the weekend.

We stayed at a great AirBnB apartment and walked around town. We’d only visited the night life in Ghent yet as one of the DJ’s Michiel manages had to perform here sometimes, so it was night to see it this beautiful city in daylight. I will probably make another city guide for Ghent, but here are some pictures I took!


For my birthday, Michiel gave me a special mixtape! It’s filled with 25 lovely songs that reminds us of great moments we had together. I listen to it everyday on the bike ever since I got it. Today I added them all on Spotify so you can listen to the mixtape too. And here is a list of all the songs for those who don’t have Spotify.

ps. Super cute illustration on the mixtape is made by Michiel’s sister

We came back from our weekend in Paris last Sunday. Though it already seems ages ago that we visited the Notre Dame, walked through the small streets and sat in cute restaurants. As it rained a lot during our stay I decided to put my camera in my bag and get my phone out. I just downloaded the 8mm app and this seemed like a nice opportunity to try it out. So in stead of a lot of pictures (I think I made only 20 pics…) here’s a little video!