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My friend Anne has folded her own lampshades, which I thought was really cool! So when I moved to my new place and needed a new lamp, I decided to dive into the world of DIY. I found this tutorial, bought paper and started folding. This was the result three hours later! I’m quite happy with it. I also learnt a couple of things, for example my paper is pretty thick, which obviously means that there is less light. The thick paper also means that it doesn’t easily sit the way I want it to, so I need to make some kind of metal raster to shape it a little bit. My hanging system also needs an upgrade as I just grabbed the nearest ribbon but all in all I’m happy with the result!

I finally understood the joy of making something yourself. Maybe I’ll do more DIY projects in the future so if you have any suggestions, for example for my new place, please let me know!