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Now the sun is shining, everyone is going outside and showing their super white winter legs to the world. I think it’s one of the nice things in the Netherlands that everyone embraces the sun, it makes people so much more happier. With these warmer temperatures, it’s time for a new wardrobe! Here is my inspiration for this spring and summer. You can find all the pictures on my pinterest.

Lately I was thinking about what inspired me for my outfits and a whole list came up in my mind. Other blogs, films from the 60’s, people on the street and so on. Though art was not the first that came up in my mind, I think it has a great influence on the fashion world. That’s why I wanted to start a new category on my blog: My fashion interpretation of art!

To start with the most expensive photograph of the moment: Rhein II from Andreas Gursky which was sold in 2011 for more than $4 million. It has such strong lines which makes me feel quite calm. You don’t really see a lot of black in the photograph but it’s kind of hidden between the lines. I think it’s such a memorable print. Their has been some digital editing on the print, to be precise: dog walkers were removed. That’s why I decided a cat bowler hat would be suited.

1. Black bowl silver sterling ring
2. Mighty Black Leather Zip Boots
3. White sleeveless blouse
4. Chloe Grand Sac Marcie
5. Cat Bowler Hat
6. B. Jones Style Skirt