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Last week this years Foam Lab organized their last event: Pics or it didn’t happen. It was held in Museum van Loon, which is located just on the other side of the canal than Foam. Museum van Loon is a beautiful house with amazing rooms. During the event you had to enter four rooms which each had a different theme, make pictures with your mobile and share it with the world.

Rosa, Eelke and I decided to have dinner together at Panini, a very nice italian restaurant. Fenna joined us for dessert.

I had a delicious pasta.

It was already quite dark when we arrived at museum van Loon.

As you can see I haven’t figured out how to make good pictures in dark places. Well, at least it does gives some fancy effects.

And the silent disco was the end of my Friday night!

Yesterday, I had a Foam Lab return-day and we as old-Foam-Lab presented our tips to the new generation Foam Lab. Afterwards, we went to an Italian Restaurant which was quite bad so we moved to Fenna’s place for dessert.

Hugo and Eelke at the restaurant

The restaurant we wanted to go to had no more seats so we went to the nearest Italian. Well, at least there was enough space.

I ordered Canneloni

The pizza was quite OK according to the rest

Fenna lives in an old building without central heating so she had this awesome heater, which I had in the house where I was born.

Fenna’s nice stuff

Eelke on the couch and me in the mirror

Kiwi the cat was a little bit shy

Bye Rosa!

Happy new year to you all! I hope you all had an amazing time yesterday and I wish you all a happy and wonderful 2012. My new year started in Utrecht, with Jan. He lives on the sixth floor so we had an amazing view. The neighbors were having a party and some of Jan’s friends were there too.

A week ago, I went to Antwerp and Breda. We tried out Belgium beers, I bought a vintage dress and we went to the Fashion Museum.

Eelke, Rosa and Jerry. We were with six so we had the whole coupe for ourselves.

After some shopping at the Meir, we ate lunch at this great place called Lunch Box.

And as we were in Belgium we had to try all the Belgium beers.

Eelke and I

Rosa and Fenna

Hugo was there too

The best burger I ate in a very long time. Pure magic!

I like it when you can peek into the kitchen.

After lunch, we went to the Fashion museum which currently had an exhibition on Walter Van Beirendonck.

The pieces were not really my style but I loved to see his inspiration and how he thinks about the world.

Some nice words on the wall.

We tried out some more Belgium Beers. My favourite is La Chouffe.

Jerry was trying out his new Zissou beadie. So super nice.

In the evening we went to Friettent Max to eat the real Belgium Pommes frites.

Super good fries, but a tip: do not take the ‘american’ sause, not so good at all!

We had our last Foam Lab days last week and it’s been quite strange to have nothing to do on Wednesday and Thursday. During the past 10 months we made so much photos I decided to make a photobook. I love to have a memory of the past year, it was such a hectic year but amazing at the same time. I ordered it at