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Two weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday with my sister on a Sunday. Around 7 p.m. I started to feel a little bit nauseous and completely drained of energy. Within a couple of hours I had the worst flu I had in years. I couldn’t sleep for two days since I was delirious when closing my eyes. On Wednesday I went to see the doctor as things were not getting better. He told me the I just had a very bad flu, but there were no complications so I just had to sweat it out.

In moments like these you start to appreciate your body when it’s working properly. It took me a whole week to get better, and I still needed some more days to get my energie level back. I’m starting my yoga classes again and I’m slowly getting better. Are you currently having the flu? Here are my tips for a quick recovery.


1. Sleep, drink, sleep, drink and take a lot of aspirin
If you have a fever, the best thing to do is just sleep and drink water or herbal tea as much as you can. As aspirin lowers the fever it is wise to take them regularly. As I was delirious for a couple of days, my doctor advised me to take the maximum amount, and two pills before going to bed.

2. Don’t watch any television
On Monday, I decided to do a Lord of the Rings marathon which I regretted heavily. It was just too much stimulus for me and when I closed my eyes I saw only swordplays and orks. Not the best if you want to sleep.

3. Put an onion beside your bed
This is a true grandmother-tip but it works great if you have a cold. Just cut the onion in pieces and place it next to your bed. I don’t know exactly what the healing aspects are of onions, it is said that they absorb germs in the air. Although I don’t know if that’s true, I experienced that they work great for beating the saliva in your nose.

4. Eat soup
Soup is great. You probably don’t want to eat at all, but you need a little bit of energy to get better. Soup is therefore the best remedie. Put a lot of veggies in it and don’t use that much spices (especially if you’re also nauseous). Why not use the benefits of the onion and make a nice onion soup?

5. Prevention is the best so wash your hands!
Prevention is always the best method, so wash your hands regularly. This is the most common way of getting infected.