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“We live in a world where women are expected to be compliant and acquiescent, and are rewarded for providing men with beauty and the type of sex they require.”

Can painfully restrictive clothing ever be beneficial aesthetically, culturally, or personally? South African designer Leanie Van Der Vyver made the so-called supersexy high heel awkward and thus questioning the discomfort of the stiletto. Personally I never wear stilettos but I do like a chunky heel once in a while. An artwork like Scary Beautiful rejects the expectations that the heel has. No one would ever wear a heel like that, but it does let you think about what is that line between acceptable and unacceptable if you think of feminine fashion.

Not even one week has gone by and I’m already starting to have cold feet. I am craving for a faux fur coat! I think they are perfect for this kind of winter, cold and windy. Plus you don’t look like a michelin doll when you go outside -which is how I do look like at the moment as I wear tons of cardigans over eachother-. Ergo, I need to find another hobby. Luckily the ice on the Amstel is gone so we can row again!

Ping… there it was, the first assignment of the Free Fashion Challenge. Right in my mailbox. The first challenge is the first as the participants got, 3×3=9 questions to know you better. You probably know me already a little bit if you visit my blog more often but for those who don’t, here are my 3×3=9 questions! Oh, and you were allowed to answer them in any creative way you wanted so I chose to answer them in photographs, some made by me and otherwise you’ll find the source below the photo.

About you
1. What makes you happy?

2. What’s your favorite source of inspiration?

3. What’s your signature item?

About you and fashion
4. What’s the first garment you have memories about?
After searching through old photo’s for hours, unfortunatly I couldn’t find a picture. My off-white dress with little flowers is definitly the first dress I have memories about. I loved this dress and wanted to wear it all the time, even when we went to a farm. Too bad a goat liked my dress as well as he started to eat and broke it. Very sad moment for me..

5. I need fashion because…

It’s my way of telling a story

6. What would be your dream collaboration in the fashion/creative industry?

Modcloth opening a flagship store in Amsterdam

About you and the project: stop shopping for 1 year
7. What’s your largest fashion addiction?

vintage dresses

8. Who would you like to have a swap-party with?


9. What do you contribute to a sustainable future?

Happy new year lovely readers! I hope you had an amazingly good time last night and your hangover isn’t that bad! I spend my new years eve with a very good friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in ages and with a couple of friends of her. We had a great time having diner and playing games.

Remember some time ago I told you about the Free Fashion challenge? Well, they opened a new option on their website. A join option. Yes, if you want to be free of fashion and stop shopping for some while, you can join them! So after some thinking I decided to stop shopping for three months!

Every two weeks, you get a challenge which I will share on my blog ofcourse. It’ll be an enormous challenge for me as I tried to quit shopping for one month two years ago, which failed tremendously. Together with the fact there is an huge sale it the moment. I see some struggles coming up here.

As a start, I was looking into my closet to see what items I bought lately and haven’t shown you yet. I plan to make an inventory of my closet when I move out (YES, I found a new place to live! ) Well,l here are the last items I bought and (hopefully) the last for the next three months!

Are you joining me?