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Last Monday, I was at Fenna’s place to celebrate hers and Jerry’s birthday!

They had been in the kitchen since 3 o’clock that afternoon!

Eelke was there too

They made a delicious meal!

Rosa thought it was cold and placed herself next to the heater

Birthday girl Fenna

Jerry got a card of John Lennon because we think they look alike and a book about interior!

We gave Fenna a deck of Tarot cards and she tried them out on Eelke

A nice evening!

Last week my new lens arrived! What better way to test it than during Sinterklaas.


Hugo, Fenna and Rosa are making nice salads!

I love Jerry’s kitchen, it’s filled with nice things.

Time to eat.

Unwrapping the presents!

After playing our game for an hour and a half, it was time to go home! I’m celebrating Sinterklaas tomorrow again with my family and later in December once more with Michiel’s family. I think it’s such a lovely Holiday, making nice poems and have a great evening with everyone. Hope you had a great time as well (if you’re Dutch or Belgium) and if you’re going to celebrate it this weekend: have a lovely time!

Though tonight is the actually pakjesavond, my friends and I celebrated Sinterklaas yesterday with a little game. It’s a well known dice game, you set up a rule for every number 1-6 and when you play, you have to do what the dice are telling you to do. Quite easy! This time we had a rule that when you diced the number 3, you had to make an Instagram photo which resulted in the best documented Sinterklaas in years!

Photos are from hugenizer, rosaloeloe, btjevaag, flampe, jerryleelewis and myself.

Last week this years Foam Lab organized their last event: Pics or it didn’t happen. It was held in Museum van Loon, which is located just on the other side of the canal than Foam. Museum van Loon is a beautiful house with amazing rooms. During the event you had to enter four rooms which each had a different theme, make pictures with your mobile and share it with the world.

Rosa, Eelke and I decided to have dinner together at Panini, a very nice italian restaurant. Fenna joined us for dessert.

I had a delicious pasta.

It was already quite dark when we arrived at museum van Loon.

As you can see I haven’t figured out how to make good pictures in dark places. Well, at least it does gives some fancy effects.

And the silent disco was the end of my Friday night!