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Summer weather has arrived! Only for a few days though, but enough reason to grab my all-time favourite summer dress out of the closet. This dress is from the H&M garden collection 2010 and I still love it. My friends make a lot of fun of me as I’m wearing this dress 75% of the time during the summer. I even bought a second one on ebay!

By the way, it has been a while since the last outfit photo. This one is taken just outside my house but I don’t feel really comfortable (yes, even after a few years I still don’t think modelling is my destiny) as the street is quite busy. Well, maybe I’ll get over it. Do you like to see more outfit posts?

The last few days I spend with my sister, who now owns the biggest beautiful belly I’ve seen. It’s only two weeks before the due date! I brought my camera to make some great pictures of our days together but when I arrived, I found out I forgot my memory card unfortunately… So instead of those pictures I’ll show you my new dress!

This weekend I looked a bit like Wednesday Addams with pink sunglasses. Quite a cute combination I think, though it’s not the perfect one that I’m looking for. A black dress should be in anyones wardrobe, a simple a-line, a wrap dress, a t-shirt dress, just what works for you. Because black is easy, perfect and fits with everything. Though, the best garment for me would be a black dress, long sleeves with a white collar and white cuffs. Something like Catherine Deneuve was wearing in Belle du Jour. Or the one Tennessee Thomas is wearing quite a lot. Still haven’t found the perfect one, so I’m fine with this combination for the time being.

To extend my stripe collection just a little bit, I purchased this dress from Asos a while ago. I figured stripes are always good in your closet so why not add another item. This pictures was made on Texel last weekend. At the moment it is super hot in Amsterdam -yeey, finally!- so yesterday was my first bare-legs-day!