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My best friend birthday was last weekend and although it didn’t involve cake, presents and birthday songs as she’s in Turkey, it made me realize that we’re getting older. Yes, really. This is the moment you probably think something like ‘duh…’ but I don’t really think about it in daily life. So in January I’ll turn twenty-five which means I’ve already spend a quarter of my life! A bit scary actually, so I decided it’s time for a small reflection. I think it’s good to take a look back and see what you’ve learned over the years so the following up will be even better.

Twelve years old
This year I’ve learned that when you’ve a fall-back you shouldn’t be so stubborn but look for alternatives. This I’ve actually learned a couple years later but when I got rejected for the National Ballet Academy I was devastated. In stead of watching my dream fall into pieces I should’ve listened to my mum who suggested tons of other dance styles. Now I know modern dance fits me so much more better. I wish I could tell that to my 12-year-old-me.

Fifteen years old
At fifteen I learned that you should not laugh at freshmens when you’re in your second year. Seriously, it’s not funny. I also learned that you should stand up to your friends. Even if it ends up in a not-speaking-to-each other week or month. When it’s your best friend everything will be alright.

Eighteen years old
At eighteen I learned that I’m able to hit on a guy, with positive effects. It was quite a shock actually.

Twenty-one years old
This year I learned that if you really want something, you can do it. I’ve changed my whole study schedule to do a minor at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. I finally got over my audition fear I’d got when I was twelve and took a leap. As the only external student I did the minor and learned so much. During this half year I worked so hard and I felt miserable but I’ve never been more proud of my own work afterwards.

Twenty-two years old
After graduating I’ve learned that it sucks to not know what you want. The good thing is that I’ve also learned to take a risk and explore the world. I learned that I can manage to live on my own in another country and make the best out of it, although it didn’t make you happy at first.

Twenty-three years old
This year I’ve learned that you should NEVER date someone who finishes his lines with ‘but’ all the time. “I think you’re great, but…”, “You’re the best, but…”, I really love you, but…”. It will kill you I promise. I’ve also learned that you can meet new people at any age who’ll become your best friends. Friends are the best.

Twenty-four years old
I’ve got a couple more months but this year I’ve learned that it’s OK to now know it all. Before I become twenty-five it’s time to look back and actually learn from all the mistakes I made. So stop dating jerks, start working out and try to figure out what makes you happy.

Seven year old me in dance class