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Yesterday I hung out with Lisa & Timo. I still need to find my way with my new camera, and especially the after editing as I found out my vsco filters do not work with Panasonic unfortunately.

We went to a new place called ‘Lucas’

Score of Lucas: Coffee 7,5 / extremely tiny cookie 2

He Lisa!

Posing Timo

Grey grey grey skies are the norm nowadays

First snow this winter! It’s all gone by now, but it was fun for one day

This week I brought my camera with me when Michiel and I went to the Village for coffee. Afterwards I made some photos of the things I’ve made at my woodworking course so far: the dovetail joint. That was it!

I’m right in the middle of my exam period, which means… lots of coffee! I don’t drink coffee at home but when it’s not coming from a senseo machine (yeah… I’m picky) I’m all about my lattes. These are my favourite coffee places at the moment in Utrecht:

The Village
Michiel and I come here very often, ordering a one or double shot latte. In the summer you should try the ice coffee, which is truly delicious here (much better than Starbucks!)

The central library
The library is a great place to study. It’s in the center of Utrecht, it’s quiet and they serve great lattes! Also, the internet is not working that well in the library, which can be a pain in the ass but also a life safer when you have to finish your reading.

Café Ludwig
This cafe is on the corner of the university but sometimes I prefer sitting here than in the uni because it’s nice to be in a non-uni environment once in a while. Oh and the coffee is very nice, although I do miss the side cookies…

And the picture above is from KEEK in the Twijnstraat, which is not only a great place to drink coffee but also to have lunch. The name is actually an abbreviation from ‘art and fair coffee’, which is exactly what you can expect!