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It’s Christmas time! We celebrate Christmas with the family. Christmas evening starts with a huge dinner, breakfast on first Christmas day, a lunch with my fathers side of the family and dinner again with my boyfriend’s family on second Christmas day. This is a video of last year. Hope you all have a wonderful time these days!

Eating, talking and playing games. That is how my Christmas looked like this year. And it was great! At Christmas evening, we went to my grandparents and at first Christmasday we ate with my boyfriends family,

Christmas tree was all decorated

We ate a lot!

Family enjoying dinner

I made tiramisu

My aunt made a delicious lemon pudding

Candles at my boyfriends parents house

We sat on the couch, talked, laughed and played games

We played table shuffleboard (sjoelen)

I gave it a try. Went pretty well!

How was your Christmas? I’m off to Paris now! xx