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The challenge is almost over but I thought I’d give you an update from every week so far! And although it was quite though, I had more fun running than I ever expected as I always really, really hated to run. My best friend Linda just started her own company and I’m helping her out with her website (still work in progress!) and marketing related things. When I told her about the challenge she offered to help me with a special schedule and some exercises to prevent injuries. As I wasn’t the best runner when I started we decided to change the goal from 5KM in 30 minutes to 5KM in 35 minutes. With my new schedule I had to run 2 times a week and do exercises on the other days.

So this was just before my first run. My schedule for the first week was based upon the idea that I could run for 8 minutes, so for the first workout I had to run 8 minutes – walk 4 minutes – run 8 minutes – walk 2 minutes – run 8 minutes – walk 4 minutes – run 8 minutes. Seems quite do-able don’t you think? Well I can tell you I WAS EXHAUSTED! The third 8 minutes of running I though I could fall on the ground every minute. But I kept going so I was quite proud of myself that I finished it.

I’m running with the Nike plus app, which keeps track of all your runs. Something I think is SUPERCOOL is that you get trophies, I know it’s kind of dumb but it’s really working. I’m running just a little bit further so I can add a trophy to my list.

This was my first run. Not a fantastic one, but hey, it was the first one. The second run went much better already, although I though it would be a disaster as I had to run for 10 minutes in stead of 8 with the first training.

So this was my first week!

The first time I read about 30 day challenges was on the blog of Girls Love 2 Run and in particular the Ted Talk from Matt Cutts. Although I wasn’t that inspired by his talk (he doesn’t really has a convincing attitude about him in my opinion, his talk is a bit dull) but the idea of a 30 day challenge got stuck in my head. Maybe you’re already familiar with the idea that it takes 21 days to install or lose a habit. This idea combined with the 30 day challenge made me decide to do a 30-day-challenge! And not alone, Michiel decided to join me, with another challenge!

30 Day Challenge
The basis is simple, you set a goal for yourself and keep up to it for 30 days. After that you can decide if it is a good habit or you can’t wait to get rid of it. Best case scenario is of course that you choose a habit that will stick after the 30 days. However if something just isn’t your thing it’s no problem to let it go. You tried it for 30 days and that’s good! One month is really do-able but also long enough to change your lifestyle (if you want to). Challenges can be quite different, like doing something for 30 days in a row or set up a goal for the end of the month that you have to achieve.

Running 5 km in 35 minutes
Yes, that’s my challenge for this month! Well this month… My first day started on April 22th so on May 21st I have to run 35 minutes continuously. Luckily, my best friend is a die-hard sporter and physical therapist who just started her own company The Health District, with which she will give sport lessons, yoga, massages and more. We’ve been working a lot together lately as I made her website (which is still under construction but I’ll show you when it’s done!) and we’ve done a photoshoot together as well for her promotion material. She set up a schedule for me in which I have to train twice a week (she actually wanted three times a week but I don’t have so much time unfortunately) and do extra exercises during the other days of the week.

So why did I started this challenge? First of all, I really think it’s good to be healthy (yes it seems like the new trend to be healthy but I really think this is a good one!). I was really shocked by this Ted Talk from Jamie Oliver about children and food in the US. Since last year I got more interested in cooking and I try to use a lot of natural ingredients. Supermarkets offers so much ‘easy food’ which I believe is not good for us. Just as Jamie said in his talk, we eat so much sugar and don’t know about it. So I started to focus more on healthy food as well. And it’s quite easy if your boyfriend is also interested in health! But healthy food is not all I think so I wanted to exercise more. At the beginning of this year I bought a new running tight and running shoes which stayed in my closet untouched (yeah I know…) until I read about these 30 day challenges and decided it was really time to get them out of the closet! Of course the challenge doesn’t have to be about health. Michiel for example is doing a challenge with me, he has to read half an hour everyday for 30 days.

So although I didn’t plan it, this was a long story after all! I’ll keep you up-to-date about my running challenge (maybe after this one I’ll do another running challenge… at least 5km in 30 minutes because for this short time that goal was a little bit too high but maybe I’ll make it the next 30 days!) Are you familiar with the 30 day challenges? Or are you doing one right now? Or maybe planning to do so?

Not even one week has gone by and I’m already starting to have cold feet. I am craving for a faux fur coat! I think they are perfect for this kind of winter, cold and windy. Plus you don’t look like a michelin doll when you go outside -which is how I do look like at the moment as I wear tons of cardigans over eachother-. Ergo, I need to find another hobby. Luckily the ice on the Amstel is gone so we can row again!

Ping… there it was, the first assignment of the Free Fashion Challenge. Right in my mailbox. The first challenge is the first as the participants got, 3×3=9 questions to know you better. You probably know me already a little bit if you visit my blog more often but for those who don’t, here are my 3×3=9 questions! Oh, and you were allowed to answer them in any creative way you wanted so I chose to answer them in photographs, some made by me and otherwise you’ll find the source below the photo.

About you
1. What makes you happy?

2. What’s your favorite source of inspiration?

3. What’s your signature item?

About you and fashion
4. What’s the first garment you have memories about?
After searching through old photo’s for hours, unfortunatly I couldn’t find a picture. My off-white dress with little flowers is definitly the first dress I have memories about. I loved this dress and wanted to wear it all the time, even when we went to a farm. Too bad a goat liked my dress as well as he started to eat and broke it. Very sad moment for me..

5. I need fashion because…

It’s my way of telling a story

6. What would be your dream collaboration in the fashion/creative industry?

Modcloth opening a flagship store in Amsterdam

About you and the project: stop shopping for 1 year
7. What’s your largest fashion addiction?

vintage dresses

8. Who would you like to have a swap-party with?


9. What do you contribute to a sustainable future?

Happy new year lovely readers! I hope you had an amazingly good time last night and your hangover isn’t that bad! I spend my new years eve with a very good friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in ages and with a couple of friends of her. We had a great time having diner and playing games.

Remember some time ago I told you about the Free Fashion challenge? Well, they opened a new option on their website. A join option. Yes, if you want to be free of fashion and stop shopping for some while, you can join them! So after some thinking I decided to stop shopping for three months!

Every two weeks, you get a challenge which I will share on my blog ofcourse. It’ll be an enormous challenge for me as I tried to quit shopping for one month two years ago, which failed tremendously. Together with the fact there is an huge sale it the moment. I see some struggles coming up here.

As a start, I was looking into my closet to see what items I bought lately and haven’t shown you yet. I plan to make an inventory of my closet when I move out (YES, I found a new place to live! ) Well,l here are the last items I bought and (hopefully) the last for the next three months!

Are you joining me?