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This weekend I was in Berlin! With a group of nine (!) girls. We were visiting Anne, who lives over there, and celebrating the birthday of two of us. When traveling with only hand luggage I like to pack wisely. So you can see it as a very small capsule. First check the weather, think about your activities and visualize different outfits. I always like to keep some extra space for purchases I might do so I don’t want my suitcase to burst already on the way over there.

This is what I brought to Berlin:


Now that spring is approaching, I’m rounding up my first capsule wardrobe ever. To do so, I’ve written a little retrospective of what I’ve actually been wearing to improve my capsules to come. On an overall note, I loved the idea of a capsule and my closet has never been this well-organized. However, I’m super looking forward to a new capsule as I got quite bored with my current capsule… and I didn’t even do three whole months!

So here we go, my top five pieces of my winter capsule, and the five flop pieces.