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I never thought this would happen but this is the first time since I started blogging in 2009 that I didn’t blog for a whole month. But it happened this summer. August was my non-blogging month. But not totally, as I was busy rethinking the concept of this blog and making a new design! I’m super excited to start with this new blog in September, as this month is the 4 years anniversary of this blog!

Last time you saw me I talked about my issues with the blog. I talked a lot with my friends about my blog and what I wanted to do with it. The message was quite clear: do what you like most. But what is that? I like so many things, it’s hard to tell what you like most. Although most things I like go with ups and downs, there’s one topic I’m always enthusiastic about: food. I love good food. I’m a superfan of burgers and pasta and you can always wake me up for a nice breakfast. I also love to photograph my food. In the pre-iphone era I made photos with my camera but since I’ve discovered instagram I just have to take a picture when I have a nice plate in front of me.

Obviously, there are still more things than just food which interest me, and I’ll probably talk about those things too, but I decided to shift the focus from personal lifestyle blog to food blog. I hope you like it and visit me for nice recipes, restaurants, bars and tips! On the picture above you can see my home made chicken burgers, recipe will follow soon!

Thank you all for your nice messages last month! It was quite hard to change the direction of my blog as it has become quite a part of myself after four years of blogging. Though I’m really excited to continue and post about the thing I’m always enthusiastic about: lots of food!

ps. On the sidebar you can find all post before the change under ‘Archive‘.

Last week I visited Paris with my parents and Michiel. It was great to get away from home and spent a few days in one of my favourite cities. It felt like summer for the first time because I just heard I passed my last exam and the temperatures were rising in France.

It was also a nice time to think about things, such as this blog. As you noticed I lacked terribly on posting the last few months. It’s not because I don’t like to blog but because I blogged for so long that I feel like i’ve lost my blog-identity. This sounds rather vague to you I suspect but let me explain.

In life, I believe you are developing through time. By experiences, people you meet etcetera, you keep working on your own identity. Maybe not that conscious but I think everyone is working his whole life defining themselves by what they do. You could say that it works the same with clothing. Probably, you look rather different than a couple of years ago, just because you developed your style. Especially when you are a teenager and in your twenties I think you develop the most. Your identity is always under construction.

For almost four years I’ve written this blog. And although it is a personal blog I’ve got the feeling my own identity has developed but my bloggers identity not so much, which is confusing to me. As I don’t know what to post anymore, I just decided to post nothing. This is quite a shame I think, because I love to blog but I’ve to figure out again what I want to blog about.

So this summer I’ll figure out what to do with the blog. I’ll definitely keep on blogging but first I’ve to find my focus again. I hope to see you back after summer!

Besides my own blog, I write for the Museumnacht as well. The Museumnacht is an evening organized every year in Amsterdam around November, in which you can visit 45 museums with one ticket. During the year they organize events and their website is regular updated with all the news in cultural Amsterdam.

Since this week, I write a new weekly blog about museumcafes. For the first one, Jan and I visited the Jewisch Museum. Only in Dutch but you can read it here through google translator.

However I have my enthousiastic everyday-a-post periods, the last few weeks have been terribly quiet on the blog. I guess I’m having kind of an identity crisis as it comes to blogging. Not sure what fits the blog and what doesn’t. I used to post more outfit photos but as there are so many beautiful fashion blogs on the world wide web, I don’t always feel confident to post mine. So I post photographs. Though I don’t make enough photographs to fill the whole blog with. Going on with the inspiration, other photographers and more. But who shall I choose? There are so many amazing finds on the internet that I don’t know what to put and what not. So this all ends in posting nothing at all, which is obviously not my intention of the blog.

So to finish this story, I was wondering what you‘d like to see on this blog?