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On our last day we planned to do some karaoke at Mauerpark, but unfortunately there were some other activities in the park. That wasn’t a real problem actually as we were all content with lying in the grass and playing Bonanza.

Leaving Anne’s house

Colourful houses

We played Bonanza quite often these days so this was a nice coincidence!


Figuring out what to do now that the karaoke isn’t around


Myriam had a date! She met a guy the last time she was here and they decided to meet.

We had to eat bratwurst of course.

We bought some beers and chilled in the grass


Time for dinner. We went to YumYum, a nice asian restaurant with spicy food

Waiting for a spot…

That was our trip!

On the first day we danced until dawn so we started our second day a little bit later than usual. The sun was shining and it was pretty damn hot. We took the U-bahn to Prenzlauer berg and explored the area.

Anne saluted the sun

We met this great little fellow!

Ewa made some pictures with her analogue camera, can’t wait to see!

Checking out the market at Maybachufer

After walking around for a bit we landed at the cinema café and had some really nice ginger tea. We played a game of Bonanza here (Anne won).

Beautiful Ewa in the wind

We went to Warschauer Strasse because we heard there was some kind of love parade.

Always happy Myriam

Ewa and Myriam

And there was a parade indeed! There were several cars or busses driving by with music and people dancing around them.

I was a little bit overwhelmed by the crowd

We decided to leave the parade, find ourselves a nice spot at a Vietnamese shop and had some very cheap and nice food.

One moment you’re in the Netherlands and the next moment you’re in a car driving to Berlin for the second time this year! Anne’s parents are in Indonesia on vacation and had an available car. Together with Ewa and Myriam we drove to Anne’s hometown Berlin and spend the weekend.

Preparing for our first day

The weather was incredibly nice


Probably the subway station we visited most: warschauer straße

Ewa and Myriam had a twin-theme going on this weekend

Waiting for the S-bahn that would take us to tempelhof

I’d never been to the tempelhof area. Really strange to have such a spacious place in the middle of the city. We just sat there and played Bonanza.


I have tons of back-photos as I’m usually kind of slow, but on occasion I run a few meters to capture these cuties from the front.

Then we did this! Ever since I saw that you could canoe on the Spree, I wanted to do that. And although we only went for an hour -thus didn’t see that much- it was awesome. Maybe I’ll do it again another time to see a little bit more.

Lady Anne

Time to go home and get ready for the night. And during the nights there are no cameras allowed so that was it for day one!

Our energy level was really low on our third day in Berlin. Michiel was leaving in the afternoon and I had to move my stuff from our Airbnb apartment to Anne’s place. We spend the rest of the day in a park and at Anne’s place, doing yoga and drinking wine.

Berlin is a little bit old fashioned if it comes to Sundays. All the shops are closed. But it is the best day for markets and according to Anne, the Mauerpark is the place to be on a Sunday. There was a huge flea market! It was a pity that I couldn’t bring anything with me on the train back home because they had really nice stuff. We ate bratwurst and watched the Sonntagskaraoke for a while, which was very amusing.

To all good things comes an end! It was already time to go home. On Monday we studied for a while in a cafe and then I took the train back to Utrecht. See you soon Berlin!