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One week has passed since I’ve got back from vacation. On Monday I start working again for two weeks and to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. A week off is nice but I’m having so much free time, don’t know what to do anymore. I brought my camera with me this week and made a little compilation of a week full of sunshine in Amsterdam.

The first evening in Amsterdam, my dad took me to the Vondelpark which organizes performances during the summer. Candy Dulfer performed and it was extremely crowded.

My mom made my favourite vegetable: artichokes!

I met up with Linda and we took a little trip to Ikea where I bought this cute tray.

On Wednesday, I had a cup of tea with my mum.

It was very nice. That evening my sister picked me up and I had a sleep over at her place.

She has funny lamps

Barbecue time at Fenna’s roofterras on Thursday!

Jerry was there as well

And on Friday I made carrot cake.

How was your week?

Last Thursday was quite a busy day. After work, I cycled to Foam for the opening of New York Times Magazine Photographs, which is an absolutely amazing exhibition. Afterwards, Rosa and I went out to get some burgers at the Burgermeester. Jerry and Clara joined us and around nine we headed over to the concert of one of Rosa’s friends. We stayed a while, drank some beers and around midnight it was time to say everyone goodnight!

The New York Times Magazine Photographs opening

It was quite busy

Some photographs were presented in a magazine way

Clara was there

My new colleague Lennart and his girlfriend were present as well

Now we hop over a few hours later, drinking beer and listening to some music

And this was my outfit for the evening! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

We begin this month with extreme cold. It started to freeze and snow and soon we were all standing on the Amsterdam canals.

I was supposed to go to Antwerp with my mom but the trains weren’t riding because of the snow so we decided to go to Rotterdam in stead.

I was reading one of my favourite books when I was a kid. Then it was time to put on the iceskates and discover the canals from another point of view.

My first self-made pasta carbonara. Jan and I took a walk on the canals.

I started to work at my new job, which started by making a Valentine-stop motion. Everyday I’ve to take the ferry to get to the North side of Amsterdam.

Some doodles in the morning and my view the rest of the day.

It’s such a beautiful view these days over the Amsterdam canals. They are all frozen which hasn’t happen in years! You usually see no one outside during the cold winter but apparently, a lot of people had still saved their iceskates. I haven’t, unfortunately, but I just took a walk on the ice. Just because I wanted to say to you that I’ve stand on the Keizersgracht.

Kids on the ice

Special days in Amsterdam

And an instagram photo of me, had to take off my gloves to take this one with my iphone. That was not a good idea, freezing cold! Well, I wish you all a lovely weekend and don’t forget to iceskate if you live in Holland!