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At the end of 2011, I downloaded the app Everyday, which tells you to make a photo on the same time in the same position everyday. I started quite fanatical in the beginning but got lazy so there are only six pictures of December. But after all, a nice compilation! Don’t think I’ll continue in 2013 though…

Hi there, I hope you had a great new years eve! During the first days of January it’s nice to look back at the last year. So much has happened in 2012, it was quite a hectic year.


The year started with bad news. My grandma was taken to the hospital and on January 4th, she passed away. It was my first birthday without my grandparents as my grandpa passed away in 2011.


It was so cold during the winter that the canals were frozen for the first time in 15 years! We could iceskate and had the best time. I also got a new job and started in the beginning of February.


Jan and I decided to split up which resulted in a super busy schedule because I didn’t want to stay home. For three weeks I was with friends every evening but when I realized I hadn’t cooked for myself the whole month March I decided it was time to take it easier.


Had a great time in Paris with my sister and parents! We saw the Tim Burton exhibition and walked a lot, enjoying the city.


With my parents, sister, her boyfriend and my friend Lian we stayed a long weekend on Texel, one of the Waddeneilanden. Visited ecomare, played boardgames and cycled a bit.


The first week of June was a week full of sun and healthy food. I visited my best friend Linda who was working in Turkey!


July was my vacation month. I was in Eastern Europe most of the time and when I got home my mom made my favourite vegetable: artichokes.


I visited beautiful Stockholm in the first week of August and met the nicest people in Spain during the last week of August.


Michiel and I met at a party on September 2nd and dated several times during that month. At the end of September my super cute niece Evie was born.


A month full of great food and nice events. Michiel and I got officially together and we spend a lot of time in Utrecht.


My cousin got married and I went to the concert of the XX. Here you see my little niece who became so big in such a short time.


The last month of the year was filled with presents, trips to Paris, meeting new people and saying goodbye to my job. I’ve got a new home and I’ll leave Amsterdam for the first time in my life without knowing when or if I’ll be moving back. In February I’ll start at University to do a premaster and master in New Media for the next two years. I don’t know what 2013 will bring furthermore but I can’t wait to find out!