I like to cook! You can find some of my recipes here

Overnight oats
Breakfast project

Banana Pancakes

Pasta with salmon, spinach and zucchini
Pangasius filet with salad
Sweet potatoes and goat cheese
Vegetarian risotto
A very quick paella-ish risotto
Pasta with mushrooms
Pasta carbonara with spinach and peas
Pancake dinner
Couscous with sausages and vegetables
Tortilla night
Pasta pesto with chicken
Pasta with cottage cheese and cumin
Pasta with lemon and zucchini
Risotto with seafood
Lemon pasta
Pasta Carbonara
Pasta with tomatoes, rucola and mozzarella
Couscous with vegetables
Couscous soup

Everything else
Garlic bread
Carrot cake
Carrot cupcakes