Although we had 72 hours of rain, I really enjoyed Copenhagen. It’s a real city-vibe although it has much less inhabitants than Amsterdam. Thus I really hope to come back for some sun next time.

Start the day with coffee!

Michiel in the morning

Second hand designer shops are my favourite!

Of course we went to the harbor


We rented bikes (of course) but they have a really cool system in Copenhagen, with some kind of ipad on your bike which navigates you through town!

Michiel and I went on a city trip a few weeks ago to Copenhagen. That was quite different than all the sunny photos I’ve been showing lately over here! Rain, rain, rain, so we definitely need to go back one day to experience the sunny version of Copenhagen.

Coloured houses

Michiel in the rain

From above

Quite similar to the Netherlands: rain and bikes


Coffee stop!

Plus… Kanelbollar stop! This one came just out of the oven… so good


We spend the second week of our vacation in Seville and Cordoba. We took it very slow as it was 40 degrees and way too hot to do basically anything (can’t really believe that anymore with this fall weather lately).

Walking around in Seville

Hello there

These trees were everywhere in Spain. I thought it looked quite nice.

Obviously some selfies had to be taken

These people were unbelievable I thought. They are all waiting for Alcazar but it is the middle of the day, which means you’re basically melting if you’re standing in direct sunlight for too long.

Metropol Parasol

Taking siestas is the way to go here

The third stop of our trip was Jerez de la Frontera. However, the city was super quite. So after the first day of wandering around we decided to go after the Spanish people and visit Cádiz. Cádiz is a little town near the beach. Christopher Columbus sailed from Cádiz on his second and fourth voyages to America, which made the town very rich.

Michiel in Jerez

Hello again

Morning sun from our Airbnb

Really nice pancakes in Cadiz

Finding the shadow

The sea!

There was a huge fishmarket during the day

See you in… Sevilla!