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We came back from our weekend in Paris last Sunday. Though it already seems ages ago that we visited the Notre Dame, walked through the small streets and sat in cute restaurants. As it rained a lot during our stay I decided to put my camera in my bag and get my phone out. I just downloaded the 8mm app and this seemed like a nice opportunity to try it out. So in stead of a lot of pictures (I think I made only 20 pics…) here’s a little video!

It’s Christmas time! We celebrate Christmas with the family. Christmas evening starts with a huge dinner, breakfast on first Christmas day, a lunch with my fathers side of the family and dinner again with my boyfriend’s family on second Christmas day. This is a video of last year. Hope you all have a wonderful time these days!

It’s Thursday, I know, but I have the day off tomorrow so my weekend starts a day early! If you follow me on facebook, you’ve probably seen these already but for you who don’t, here are some short videos I find really inspirational, interesting and just nice to watch.

We all want to be young, a very nice short documentairy about todays generation.

The winner of the Nokia Shorts competition. I just love this video!

100 years of fashion!

I hope you have a nice weekend!