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Since Michiel and I moved, we have an award winning ice cream place around the corner. As you can understand, we like to go there from time to time.

Michiel has a new outfit he’s smitten about

It’s from Piet Parra

We’re here! Waiting in line…

I chose ‘Wittevrouwen’ with white chocolate and sesam and ‘Oreo’, which speaks for itself


My friend Lisa works at a book publisher. To celebrate their upcoming books this spring, they organized the Snorfeest. They asked me to make pictures (I also photographed the Snorfestival this summer) so I though this is a nice opportunity to try out a new lens. I captured this day with the 50mm 1.2.

Last weekend we explored the canals of Utrecht! Michiel’s mother turned 60 years old and they decided to rent a boat. That was a great idea, it was super sunny and it is really cool to see the city from a different point of view.

Ay ay sailor

Cute canals here in Utrecht

Michiel’s brother Jeroen

The domtower

Here is the gang: Marlies, her boyfriend Matthijs, Michiel, Jeroen, Leo and a little bit of Michiel’s mother Joke.