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Yesterday was the first day of spring in the Netherlands. Weather-wise that is, as it’s finally getting warmer! Michiel and I wandered around in our new neighborhood and decided to check out another coffee place then our regular spot The Village. Unfortunately it was closed due to Hemelvaartsdag, but it was a nice walk anyway and I took the opportunity to take some pictures. We ended up at Stach, also relatively new in Utrecht.

This weekend I had my very first photoshoot! During my internship at the Centraal Museum I met Ella, and she asked if I wanted to photograph her and her sisters. They wanted to give their mother a nice photograph of the three of them together. On a rainy autumn day we wandered around in Utrecht and shot photos at the Domtower, Universiteitsmuseum and Park Lepelenburg. Despite of the weather we had a great time and laughed a lot. Thank you ladies for making my first shoot such a nice one!