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Something I can really enjoy are really detailed surrealistic paintings. I can spend hours watching the work of Dalí (have you seen the exhibition in Paris?) or the impossible creations of Escher. René Magritte is also an artist who’s made some extraordinary work of art. The piece you see above, the Victory from 1939, let you dream about beautiful sunsets and beaches, just one door away. I feel like I’m a child again, walking on the beach. I thought the pinafore would fit quite right in this perspective, and also the see-through oxford shoes make it a little bit surrealistic-childish in a cute way.

The most famous piece from Magritte is definitely The Treachery of Images, where he teaches us that what we see is not the item itself, ‘This is not a pipe’, but an image of a pipe. This is quite a different mindset than most of us have. So I hope that from now on you refer to this blouse as ‘this is a blouse with images of dogs’ in stead of ‘this is blouse with dogs’.

one, two, three, four, five.

Today the delivery guy made me very happy as he delivered my Monki order! You might already seen it on twitter because I made a Vine (do you have Vine? I love it!) and posted an Instagram as well. Now you probably understand that it made me very happy as it contained a bowler hat which I already spotted in the store but wasn’t in my size so I ordered it online. I think it just perfect, very simple but it fits super nice!