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Not so long ago a friend of mine, Hugo, started a new band called Earth Mk. II. Together with his band (which includes two of my friends as well) he now tours around, doing gigs. They call themselves a neopsych act, but that’s quite a vague description so I think you should should just listen to their music! Hugo was also part of the Skywalkers with Jacco, of whom I blogged before.

ps. My apologies for the lack of posts lately. I’ve had a very busy period at uni, which is hopefully over next week!

For my birthday, Michiel gave me a special mixtape! It’s filled with 25 lovely songs that reminds us of great moments we had together. I listen to it everyday on the bike ever since I got it. Today I added them all on Spotify so you can listen to the mixtape too. And here is a list of all the songs for those who don’t have Spotify.

ps. Super cute illustration on the mixtape is made by Michiel’s sister

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Here is the last playlist of 2012! I don’t know if I continue with this category in 2013 though, I have a lot of new thoughts on how to improve my blog! I’ve got January off so I’ve got time to figure it out. Well, at least I hope as I also have to move in that month and 1000 other things. Great things all so it’s no problem whatsoever. For now, enjoy these nice tunes!

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September has been a hectic month for me! Great, but very hectic. Now that my life is a bit more consistent with a day job from 9 to 5, I hope the blog get some more attention as well. To start of the new month, I made a new autumn playlist with my favourite songs of the moment. Hope you enjoy!