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Happy new year everyone!

I’m so excited about this year. I will graduate, start working and move into a new place together with my boyfriend. The first months of this year will be all about figuring out how my new life will look like. Besides that, I have also set some resolutions!

I love setting resolutions. For me, it’s a great way to re-evaluate last year and think about what’s coming ahead. The last few years however, I just set them once and never looked at it again. I don’t even know if I failed or succeeded my resolutions because to be honest, I don’t remember them anymore. I love the process of thinking about what will make my life better and make me happier, I just never did anything with it. So when I found a list of resolutions from a previous year in my paper piles, I decided to make my resolutions this year what I consider ‘the minimalist way’.

The minimalist way of setting resolutions is somewhat different than my previous experiences. For example, chasing goals is never the intention. On the contrary, it is about finding out what makes you happy and about how you want to add that to your life. My fav blogger Anuschka explains that “the trick is to see your goals not as a rigid system of rules, to-dos and self-imposed deadlines designed to make your life harder, but as an overall, happy vision that excites and motivates you on a daily basis.” I made these three steps as they help me to create and set resolutions.


Hey guys, I hope you are all doing fine! The end of 2015 is within reach, which means Christmas, new years eve, reflecting on this year and looking forward. As you probably have noticed, since I have been back to college this blog has been on the back burner. Its existence faced some challenges, of which the biggest was a full month offline this summer due to a virus. At a certain point, I was even in doubt about to keep it at all. However, I really like this little place on the internet which is totally mine. I’ve set up this blog in 2010 and since, it has covered many different themes. From fashion to food, lifestyle to photography, everything I was slightly interested in, hence the title.