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One of my guilty pleasures is definitely searching the internet for beautiful houses that are for sale. I imagine myself living there at one point and making it my own home. But until that time I just love to dream away by beautiful pictures of nice interiors. Like this pretty white house in Sweden. I’ve developed a weakness for brick walls in the kitchen, I think it gives the apartment such a nice atmosphere.

When I was browsing through my pinterest today I ended up on the blog of Freunden von Freunden. They visit creative people in their homes to interview them. I already knew the blog because one of the curators in Foam, Colette Olof, was featured at the time that I worked there. She has a very nice house, typical Amsterdam in my opinion.

You can read the interview here if you like. Colette is a very inspiring person so I’d recommended it if you’re interested. She no longer works for Foam anymore but decided to start her own business.