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My friend Cedric is the biggest movie fan I know. He particular loves indie films, and is in the theater almost three to four times a week. He is such a big fan, that he decided to organise his own movie night in Utrecht: Chasing Reels, “a brand new picture show to celebrate the grand independent film scene”. The first edition was last week, with the Dutch premiere of the movie “Patterson”.

Poster design by Maaike

Age was there as well

And jur

There we have Maaike

It was quite crowded!

And last but not least: Cedric welcoming everyone and talking about his choice for “Patterson”!

Yesterday we had a Sushi fest at Maaike’s place.

You know, when you make sushi you always think it is too little

Heya Maaike & Elin!

Lisa here on the left is our sushi queen

We also had props to make them nice and smooth – although it didn’t really work


And of course it was enough

Ended the night with games. Bye!

Last weekend we explored the canals of Utrecht! Michiel’s mother turned 60 years old and they decided to rent a boat. That was a great idea, it was super sunny and it is really cool to see the city from a different point of view.

Ay ay sailor

Cute canals here in Utrecht

Michiel’s brother Jeroen

The domtower

Here is the gang: Marlies, her boyfriend Matthijs, Michiel, Jeroen, Leo and a little bit of Michiel’s mother Joke.

On our last day we planned to do some karaoke at Mauerpark, but unfortunately there were some other activities in the park. That wasn’t a real problem actually as we were all content with lying in the grass and playing Bonanza.

Leaving Anne’s house

Colourful houses

We played Bonanza quite often these days so this was a nice coincidence!


Figuring out what to do now that the karaoke isn’t around


Myriam had a date! She met a guy the last time she was here and they decided to meet.

We had to eat bratwurst of course.

We bought some beers and chilled in the grass


Time for dinner. We went to YumYum, a nice asian restaurant with spicy food

Waiting for a spot…

That was our trip!