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Hello again! A few days before my vacation my blog got hacked and started to sent a lot of spam. Since I didn’t have time to fix it then, and I was a little bit lazy when we got back (vacation chillzz), I just ignored it. But as I was starting to miss my spot on the internet I decided yesterday to fix it. Okay, not entirely self as I got help from my always loving dad. I noticed that not everything is working the way it should be but I hope to fix it soon! Everything is working again!

So that was the story. Talk to you soon!

I went to the movies with these two, we saw the latest Alex van Warmerdam movie and it was really weird and good at the same time. Michiel and I got coffee earlier that week.

As part of my new job at the Centraal Museum I made a short video about the artwork that is now in the new entrance. I’m also finishing my internship report which means a lot of coffee.

Last week we had some amazing sunny days which we spend at the lake. And Michiel <3
Bare leg time… is over already, if you live in Holland you need to embrace those rare moments. Burger from Meneer Smakers, the tastiest burgers of Utrecht in my opinion.

Cool stairs in Utrecht and Lisa on the balcony of their new house.

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Someone told me years ago that she was fascinated by mattresses that were thrown away. The place you have your most intimate moments, just lying there with other garbage. It does have something sad, don’t you think? I saw this mattress lying in front of my house this morning and decided to capture the moment.