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It was 21 degrees yesterday. Good day for a walk with my panasonic.


Lots of blossom

Makes the city much brighter


This shop looks like *** but I quite like the retro logo

Everyone was out and about, for example to wash their motor

We stopped at our usual spot for coffee

That was it!

Yesterday I hung out with Lisa & Timo. I still need to find my way with my new camera, and especially the after editing as I found out my vsco filters do not work with Panasonic unfortunately.

We went to a new place called ‘Lucas’

Score of Lucas: Coffee 7,5 / extremely tiny cookie 2

He Lisa!

Posing Timo

Grey grey grey skies are the norm nowadays

First snow this winter! It’s all gone by now, but it was fun for one day

Happy new year! These are a few photos I made last week. It was very misty in Amsterdam… A good opportunity to try out my new Panasonic Lumix camera!

Amsterdam light festival is going on, in the evening there are a lot of artwork.


Looks like winter!

Herengracht, I bike here everyday to work.

Two weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday with my sister on a Sunday. Around 7 p.m. I started to feel a little bit nauseous and completely drained of energy. Within a couple of hours I had the worst flu I had in years. I couldn’t sleep for two days since I was delirious when closing my eyes. On Wednesday I went to see the doctor as things were not getting better. He told me the I just had a very bad flu, but there were no complications so I just had to sweat it out.

In moments like these you start to appreciate your body when it’s working properly. It took me a whole week to get better, and I still needed some more days to get my energie level back. I’m starting my yoga classes again and I’m slowly getting better. Are you currently having the flu? Here are my tips for a quick recovery.