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On Monday I had coffee with my friend Timo, and told him about the progress of my new spring capsule. He told me that he really needed to shop for new clothes but that he did not know exactly what to buy. Since I had this week off, I offered to help by making a moodboard.

I never helped a (guy)friend before with their wardrobe, but it was definitely a nice experience! There is so much more choice in the fashion world of women than of men. There’s also a thin line between being fashionable and too conceptual in mens fashion I think. For Timo, I looked for a more minimalistic style with a dash of colour.

When I showed my moodboard to Michiel and Anne, they immediately wanted one too. So I spend the last few days making moodboards. Now I’m mostly curious if they are going to use my moodboard as inspiration for their spring wardrobe…