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To be honest, after I completed my running challenge I won the couch potato award. However, when the sun showed himself last week I couldn’t find any other excuse than to go for a run! And although it was one of my worst runs ever, I really enjoyed the sun! It was the first time in 2013 that I let my tights in my closet and put on some shorts. This came with a little problem as well as I don’t have any pockets in my shorts so I used this trick for my keys. It’s quite a well-known trick but I thought I’d share it after all! Just wrap them in your shoelace and make sure you tie them good so they won’t slip away during your run.

Wearing a simple outfit today, I had to go to college and actually should write two assignments right now. Yes, I use my blog as a tool not to study but after publishing this post I really have to do something!

ps. this week I’m doing a no-bread-week to try to come up with great alternatives for bread as I’m, just like a lot of other dutchies, a totally addicted bread-eater. You can follow my breakfasts and lunches on instagram but I’ll write a post about it here at the end of the week! Also, if you have some suggestions for breakfast and lunch (especially lunch-to-go!), please let me know!

Yesterday it was time for a good-old pasta carbonara meal with leek, spinach and peas. No how-to pictures this time but it is very easy to make!

This is what you need: pasta, cream, parmesan cheese, egg, (frozen) peas, fresh spinach, leek, garlic, bacon.

Step 1: boil water for the pasta. Heat a frying pan and fry the bacon. In the meanwhile, chop the leek. When the bacon done, put it on a plate. Now put the leek in the same pan and add some garlic if you want. After a few minutes, add the spinach.

Step 2: when the water is boiling, add the pasta and follow the instructions on the packing. After a few minutes, add the peas with the pasta. In the meanwhile, mix a little bit of cream with the parmesan. You can also add an egg if you want. When the pasta is done, pour off the water.

Step 3: mix the pasta, the vegetables, the bacon and the parmesan-cream together. Put it on a plate and add an egg yolk on top. Bon appetit!

When my mom turned fifty, my sister and I gave her a colour advice for her birthday! Though it was hard to choose a date as we were all very busy… but yesterday we finally, after more than three years since we gave her the present, went to Haarlem and got a colour advice! The same one Eelke got a few weeks ago and as she was quite happy about it, we wanted to give it a try too.

But a real Mother Daughter Day starts of course with a good lunch!

My sister and I. We all had to come from different cities so we had to wait a while before we all arrived in Haarlem. My mom and I were a little bit earlier and as it rained (yes again…) we decided to go in the first lunchroom we saw and waited for my sister to arrive.

The colour advice took all afternoon so we were done by the time our tummies started to make noise so we decided to eat in Haarlem. We found this nice place which is called Jetties. It is a biological restaurant / store (you can buy biological products as well).

I ordered the lasagne, very good!

I didn’t make any pictures during the colour advice but my mom and sister made some with their phones. They are looking at your natural hair colour, your eyes and skintone to decide which colour palet suits best for you. Eelke wrote about it in her blogpost. It turned out I’m a dark spring type which means I can wear 20% off-white in my outfit and the rest basic like navy blue (yes I was a little relieved, I don’t have to get rid of my navy dresses with cute collars!). Also bright colours like red suits me. I have to stay away from white and black and a large surface, like a sweater, dress or a pants, of light colours wasn’t a great idea as well (uhw I just ordered this sweater)

I don’t know yet if I’ll actually consider the colours during shopping as I usually have a clear idea in my mind what I want to wear but it was a really nice experience! One tip I can give you is that you have to look at your natural haircolour, the colours that suits you well be close to that. So for example if you’re blonde, light colours will suit you better.