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Last week was my week without bread and this is the result:

Breakfast day 1: Greek yoghurt with chiaseeds, blackberries, nuts and coconut rasp

Lunch day 2: Spinach, sweet paprika, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, cumin

Breakfast day 3: Oatmeal made with almond milk, blackberries and raspberries, coconut rasp. Smoothie of banana and summer fruit with chiaseeds

Lunch day 3: same as day 2 but without cottage cheese and with an egg

Breakfast day 4: Oatmeal again, with apple, nuts and cinnamon

Lunch day 4: Rucola with an egg with mushrooms

Breakfast day 5: Greek yoghurt with banana, summer fruit, chia seeds and coconut rasp

But… after day 5 it stopped. I couldn’t complete the whole seven days as I was babysitting my little niece so I slept at my sisters place and when we had lunch I couldn’t resist the bread! Their bread from the bakery is SO good!

Well, besides my early stop I think this week went pretty well. Especially the breakfasts, it was no problem changing my daily breakfast bread into something new. The lunch however was not that easy and I’m still struggling with that. I find it really difficult to find something to bring along with you during lunchtime! This week, I was at home most of the time but it costs me so much time to prepare lunch! I study a lot in the library so I’m looking for a great lunch which I can take with me. Do you have any suggestions? Would love to hear them!