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Last week I visited Paris with my parents and Michiel. It was great to get away from home and spent a few days in one of my favourite cities. It felt like summer for the first time because I just heard I passed my last exam and the temperatures were rising in France.

It was also a nice time to think about things, such as this blog. As you noticed I lacked terribly on posting the last few months. It’s not because I don’t like to blog but because I blogged for so long that I feel like i’ve lost my blog-identity. This sounds rather vague to you I suspect but let me explain.

In life, I believe you are developing through time. By experiences, people you meet etcetera, you keep working on your own identity. Maybe not that conscious but I think everyone is working his whole life defining themselves by what they do. You could say that it works the same with clothing. Probably, you look rather different than a couple of years ago, just because you developed your style. Especially when you are a teenager and in your twenties I think you develop the most. Your identity is always under construction.

For almost four years I’ve written this blog. And although it is a personal blog I’ve got the feeling my own identity has developed but my bloggers identity not so much, which is confusing to me. As I don’t know what to post anymore, I just decided to post nothing. This is quite a shame I think, because I love to blog but I’ve to figure out again what I want to blog about.

So this summer I’ll figure out what to do with the blog. I’ll definitely keep on blogging but first I’ve to find my focus again. I hope to see you back after summer!

My friend Eelke and her boyfriend are both quite the entrepreneurs. He started the Borrel Keuken and she started the Snorrenfabriek. Great snacks and nice clothes. ‘Why not combine the two?’ they must have thought because last week they opened their collaborative store W50! And then they closed it again.

Why? Because other shopkeepers in the neighbourhood had complained to their blockowner about unfair competition. This is the risk you take when you’re located in a cheap place but they were very sad to hear it of course. Nonetheless they decided to have a three-hour-opening to show people how the store would look like and give them tips about other places. So if you know a location in Amsterdam that would be interesting in hosting such a nice pop-up place, please let them know!

I know it’s been quiet over here, which as usually means that I’m very, very busy with a lot of other things which unfortunately reflects on the blog. But here’s the news: I’ve got a new job! I’m the new community manager at Peerby, which is a platform where you can easily borrow the things you need from people in your neighborhood. It’s really fun, easy, good for your wallet and good for the environment too so I’d suggest you try it out whenever you need something!

Not so long ago a friend of mine, Hugo, started a new band called Earth Mk. II. Together with his band (which includes two of my friends as well) he now tours around, doing gigs. They call themselves a neopsych act, but that’s quite a vague description so I think you should should just listen to their music! Hugo was also part of the Skywalkers with Jacco, of whom I blogged before.

ps. My apologies for the lack of posts lately. I’ve had a very busy period at uni, which is hopefully over next week!