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Hello dear readers, sorry for the absence the last few days. I was busy doing various things like visiting my sister, watching the elections in Holland, having nice dinners with friends and visiting some great exhibitions. Last weekend was the last chance to take a look at the thirteen films Stanley Kubrick had directed. A must see in the Eye filmmuseum for everyone who enjoys film.

During my minor I had to see several movies, which included A Clockwork Orange from Stanley Kubrick. A lot of us had not seen the movie yet so we decided to watch it in a small college room on big screen. After all maybe not the greatest idea as the film had such an emotional impact on me that I got nauseous. As you can imagine I’ve never seen the film again but it left quite an impression as I’d never had that reaction to a film before.

I was under the impression that A Clockwork Orange was the only film I’ve ever seen of Kubrick and because the style of the film wasn’t really my kind of thing I never though about seeing his other movies. Though, walking through the exhibition it seemed that I’d seen some others as well, which I though was a bit odd as Kubrick made only thirteen films in his carriere (yes, only thirteen but all of them made an impact on the film industry. Quite impressive!). Nevertheless, I’d seen his last two films Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut on the telly. This is a little embarrassing to say but I used to think that Eyes Wide Shut was a Batman movie. Don’t know why actually.

Now that I realize most of his films aren’t like A Clockwork Orange I’d love to see the rest of them. Especially Lolita, as it was a super controversial film at the time. There were several letters from Christian organizations who wrote to Kubrick and asked to stop the production.

Unfortunately, the exhibition is over now but I though it was super interesting. I spend almost 3,5 hours wandering around, watching pieces from his movies and reading stories about his life.

Yesterday I went to the debut show of Jacco Gardner which was really great! He also plays the keys in Lola Kite and The Skywalkers, which other half is my good friend and ex-Foam Labber Hugo. This is his solo-project and I think he’s doing a pretty good job.

Jerry was present too, but my flash made him almost disappear.

First time i visited Occi.


This is his latest video, and yes that’s me in the very last shot!

One week has passed since I’ve got back from vacation. On Monday I start working again for two weeks and to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. A week off is nice but I’m having so much free time, don’t know what to do anymore. I brought my camera with me this week and made a little compilation of a week full of sunshine in Amsterdam.

The first evening in Amsterdam, my dad took me to the Vondelpark which organizes performances during the summer. Candy Dulfer performed and it was extremely crowded.

My mom made my favourite vegetable: artichokes!

I met up with Linda and we took a little trip to Ikea where I bought this cute tray.

On Wednesday, I had a cup of tea with my mum.

It was very nice. That evening my sister picked me up and I had a sleep over at her place.

She has funny lamps

Barbecue time at Fenna’s roofterras on Thursday!

Jerry was there as well

And on Friday I made carrot cake.

How was your week?

Last friday, the new generation of Foam Lab organized their first event called Deleted / Seen. Ofcourse we went! It’s so strange to be a visitor of a Foam Lab event in stead of you organizing it. They did a nice job with all the activities and I’m very curious about their upcoming events. Afterwards we went to the Aprilfeesten at the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam. It was the first time I visited this little festival but we had such a great time.

At Foam where you could copy yourself

Old Foam Lab versus new Foam Lab


Hugo and Jerry

It was pretty crowded

Hello and bye! Now we have to prepare ourselves for Queensday!