Hello, how are you? I hope everything is fine! It has been a few months ago since I last gave a more personal update so I thought it is about time.

I recently read an article titled “It is an illusion that your mind is always in control”, which is pretty much my state of mind lately. During our weekend in Paris I was reading the 80/20 principle, which is in a nutshell about getting 80 percent of the result in 20 percent of the time. A book that is very based on being in control of your mind. And although I think some people do benefit from these ‘rational’ methods, I discovered it is not me. Or at least, not now.

As you might know, this year I wanted to ‘slow down’, minimalize, and achieving my goals in order to have a more meaningful life. As most of us have probably, I have a lot of existential questions. The last few years they were mostly about being happy. What does it mean to be happy? What is happiness? Don’t we all have to do things that does not make us happy in order to do the things that will? But how do you know? Well, the simple answer is: you don’t. Sometimes you just have to live life.

So no more goals, capsules or other methods but just life.


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