This weekend I was in Berlin! With a group of nine (!) girls. We were visiting Anne, who lives over there, and celebrating the birthday of two of us. When traveling with only hand luggage I like to pack wisely. So you can see it as a very small capsule. First check the weather, think about your activities and visualize different outfits. I always like to keep some extra space for purchases I might do so I don’t want my suitcase to burst already on the way over there.

This is what I brought to Berlin:


As you might notice, I already did some shopping for my new spring capsule, and I just couldn’t wait to wear them.

Berlin is a very big city and I know from experience that comfortable shoes are key. Also, I always bring two pair of shoes in case you get blisters or it starts raining and you have wet shoes. If you do a lot of walking (which you do when visiting Berlin) comfortable shoes are a true necessity.

I also brought a small bag for the plane to keep my passport, tickets and other things I like to keep nearby. In Berlin I used a totebag to carry my camera around.

These are the outfits I made with this travel capsule:



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