Now that spring is approaching, I’m rounding up my first capsule wardrobe ever. To do so, I’ve written a little retrospective of what I’ve actually been wearing to improve my capsules to come. On an overall note, I loved the idea of a capsule and my closet has never been this well-organized. However, I’m super looking forward to a new capsule as I got quite bored with my current capsule… and I didn’t even do three whole months!

So here we go, my top five pieces of my winter capsule, and the five flop pieces.

The tops


1. COS coat – I love this coat so much, the length, the thickness, the model. It fits my style perfectly.
2. Monki sweater – Already wrote a blogpost about this bargain.
3. Mango trousers – Also a great bargain, 20 euros in sale!
4. Midi skirt – bought this one on Marktplaats (Dutch eBay) and I love it, it has a great length and i like the structure it has. I hope I can find a similar one in another colour for spring.
5. Turtleneck – I love a good turtleneck, and I have this one for ages. It used to be my grandpa’s and I hope it will last a couple more winters.

The flops


1. Other Stories dress – I loved this dress when I bought it, but after a few washes, it just didn’t fit properly anymore. I’m also not that into short dresses and skirts anymore. I like to bend forward without exposing my buttocks.
2. Zara dress – This dress has just been hanging in my closet. It’s a pity because it looks good and it has a nice thick fabric. However, it’s just not my style anymore with the miniskirt and the puffy sleeves.
3. Other Stories blouse – This is totally my fault, because I forgot this blouse at my parents place after Christmas and I haven’t been there to pick it up again. So yeah, it’s handy to actually have the clothes you want to wear!
4. Other Stories skirt – A lot of other stories items in my flops! This skirt is the cutest, but the quality is just very poor. The lining broke almost after two weeks and the fabric wrinkles super quickly.
5. Clarks desert boots – This is unfortunately also on the flop list because of poor quality. The sole is almost totally worn out and very slippery (not nice on rainy days).


I definitely discovered my love for green this capsule. I think green is an awesome colour and by sticking so much onto my colour palette I bought some nice pieces. A few learning points for my next capsule are:

  • Only choose pieces you absolutely love. This sounds obvious but if you only have 30 pieces to choose from, you want 30 supercool pieces and not some you might only wear 2 or 3 times in one season.
  • Choose some statement items. I played it pretty save this season, but I also got bored by my wardrobe (especially last week and this week, can’t wait to dive into my new capsule)
  • Quality is key. I had some very nice pieces in my wardrobe, however the quality was just very poor. As you wear your clothes quite often, it is key that the pieces survive.
  • Don’t buy hand wash. This is purely my laziness, but I want to clean all my clothes in the washing machine. Otherwise I just don’t do it and they stay in the laundry basket forever.
  • Add at least one pair of super comfy shoes



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  1. March 28, 2016

    I tried to do the 333project (i believe it was called). It’s something similar to a capsule wardrobe, maybe it’s the same. It was supposed to last 3 moths, but after 2 I quit, I guess I also got a bit bored. But I did like it somehow. Good luck with your new capsule! The coat from COS looks really nice 😀

  2. carlijne #
    March 28, 2016

    hmm, goeie tips om op te letten, ga ik ook doen. als je je flop-rokje van de other stories niet meer draagt, wil ik hem wel van je overkopen 😉

  3. April 4, 2016

    Hoi Carlijne, je mag het rokje overkopen voor 5 euro als je wilt, maar de voering is dus kapot… Als je nog interesse hebt, stuur me dan een mail: hey.liset @

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